New album ‘Something Dark Dancing Inside’ [Splitting Sounds Records]

niet! Ep

29/01/2016 LISTEN Blancanieves and Anything There, and some comments around my work in Guía Electrónica de Bolsillo (Radio5) (Spanish).

10/01/2016 LISTEN/DOWNLOAD two tracks and some of my feelings and ideas around my EP ‘Something Dark Dancing Inside’ in Atmósfera (Radio3) (Spanish)

08/12/2016 PABLO PICÓN review of ‘Something Dark Dancing Inside’ in Circuito Virtual radioshow (Scannerfm) (Spanish)

31/12/2015 JUAN SARDÁ review of ‘Something…’ (El Cultural) (Spanish)

29/10/2015 JULIÁN CALLEJO review of ‘Something…’ (Spanish)

27/10/2015  TRANSISTORA review of ‘Something…’ (Spanish)

EP, five tracks. Sight. Anybody There. Underground. Blancanieves. Forbidden-Allowed. Splitting Sounds Records. From the darkest landscapes directly to your ears. Emotions based on deep drums/basses/voices/field recordings. Just working on first live set, a perfect mood for those upcoming blustery cold, window rattling nights. I hope to see you there. I actually hope to see me there. More tracks coming soon, new paths on strange landscapes where only music arrives.

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