New live set_ !!

_A journey where dark ambient meets a techno meaning of life. I´ve included some of my own fav tracks, some of them are still unreleased, some of them are pretty obsessive stuff for me.

_Photograph by Jorge Espinoll.

1. Sigh (niet!)
2. Four (niet!)
3. Nonsense Yessense (niet!)
4. Doorstep (techno rmx. of the original Hypersunday track)
5. Gogo In Love (niet!)
6. Ten Thousand Feet (Hypersunday ft. Omega dB)
7. Train To a Stupid Place (niet!)
8. Forbidden Allowed (niet!)
9. Rhythm Battle (niet!)
9. I Saw The Light And It Was a 20 W Light Bulb (niet!)


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