New album: Humillación

HUMILLACIÓN is the third album by NIET!, her seventh if we add her four previous albums as Hypersunday. The new one is dominated by slow tempos and dark and strange atmospheres from whose folds emerge forceful rhythms and sung, spoken, whispered voices full of meaning. In this album you can find a very dark synth pop as well as difficult to classify tracks like ‘Memoria’ or ‘Humillación’.

Regarding the process of creation itself, NIET! has pulled some of her most traumatic experiences –as in ‘Humillación’– or the emotions that have made the most in his life to mark the axis of music and lyrics. This is sometimes expressed in a conventional, sung way, as in ‘Vertigo’, but others are crude monologues full of reality, where irony is not lacking either.
Artwork by Gonzalo Cervelló.

Listen here the album! Humillación by NIET!

Humillación by NIET!

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