From sweetest to hardest. A mix for Microondas Radio

Microondas Radio

Spanish Microondas Radio asked me for a mix and this was the result. Some soft and sweet, very melodic tracks, and some really hard, techno tracks. There is so much passion in every of them! Please listen, please enjoy, please share if you like it  They are all underground artists who are making deeply emotional, great quality music, fighting in a really hard battlefield (because precisely that is the music industry today).


  1. ‘Reconstructed Piano’.
  2. NIET! ‘Vértigo’ (Hypersunday Rcds.)
  3. Marie Wilhelmine Anders. ‘High’ (Broque)
  4. Janine A’Bear.Stuck in a Rut’.
  5. Linn Elisabet. ‘Our Names Are Acts of Rebellion’.
  6. Tati Lmar. ‘Lenari’.
  7. Cora Novoa. ‘Hey’ (Citizen Rcds.)
  8. Caro C. ‘Trust’.
  9. NIET! ‘Control’ (Hypersunday Rcds.)
  10. Faits Divers. ‘Spam’ (Crystal Mine)
  11. Death of Codes. ‘It Was Like a Vision’.
  12. Omega dB. ‘No Going Back’ (Cremacaffè records)
  13. Giek-1. ‘Closure’.


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