New NIET! EP, Parenthesis

Parenthesis puts together the most techno sounds produced by NIET!, often present on her live sets, but never included on any of her previous albums. Despite their naked appearance, these five strong and fast tracks contain very representative elements of NIET!’s music

A great presence of voices and field recording elements give ‘Parenthesis’ an unmistakable personality, as well as the gear made of small percussive sounds that are always present in NIET! works.
The EP starts off with ‘Go-Go in Love’, a brutal 125 bpm track that makes the album’s proposal clear; then ‘Train to a Stupid Place’, absolutely percussive and irresistibly danceable. The third track, ‘Tremor’ is an additive crescendo with increasingly distorted vocals. ’50’ begins with a count that leads to the most melodic track on the EP. Finally, ‘Glitter Bridge’ is built almost entirely with fragments of voices and sounds of real life in a very energetic, rhythmic orgy.

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