who why niet!


I was born in the summer of 2012. Actually I could say that I started making music a long time ago (80’s), but I have got the impression that the girl of that time wasn´t really me, but another one trying to find out basic things like how to run a second hand TR-808. So, what happened in 2012? Well, simply, a meeting with Héctor González made us decide that we both wanted to make music together. He was an accomplished musician; I was an inexhaustible consumer of electronic music… At that time, Hypersunday was born. As NIET! did.

NIET! -that is, me-, is then still so young… I try to be a musician, an electronic music producer, a song writer, a singer, a noise maker. I love to explore different musical landscapes, by mainly those dark and full of mystery that children usually like to live in. I love to record my own sounds and using my voice for creating some little wicked worlds.

In this time, I have been working really hard, in my solo project, NIET! [Something Dark Dancing Inside, 2015, Can You Feel It, 2017 and Humillación, 2020) and also with Hypersunday. It began as a duo involving me and Héctor González. After two albums –Commedia-Intro and Inferno (Glocal Sound Rc.)- we decided to run different ways. I decided then to continue with Hypersunday and make something very special; I worked with nine electronic music producers [Omega dB, Resonance, Hexamoten, Delusions, C-System, Jaime Tejón, Carlos Moralejo, David Reina and Senseo] in Purgatory, the third Hypersunday album, released in September 2016. The album was nominated for Best Album at Vicious Music Awards 2016. In 2018, the last  Hypersunday album, Paradise was released. This time, NIET! herself builded and performed every track [this time, the collaborative element was in the design of the physical album, since nine photographers and graphic designers provided an image for each song on the album]. The subsequent question was obvious: what difference is there between NIET! and Hypersunday, if they are the product of the same mind? I´m still trying to find the answer to this question…

In this blog you can find some links to my music and information about my different works in progress, newborn ideas, plans, collaborations, photographs, podcasts, interviews, live sets… spanish producer NIET!

This is not only about NIET! No, not really. I have been working with a lot of different people in the latest years: Moon Dust, Nivanoise, GuiVille, Sakegashira, Rusty Egan, Rodrigo García, even Teresa, my sister, one of the most brilliant choreographers in Spain. I have also been deeply involved with female:pressure, the widest network of women making electronic music [I created and run its podcast for two years].

More information? Meet me through Facebook or Twitter, it would be nice to contact you.  Or leave me a message, I´ll respond soon.

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